INTERACTIVE MEDIA MINOR// University of Delaware

This minor is interdisciplinary across departments and colleges. We welcome students from any major.

The Interactive Media Minor (IMM) gives students opportunities to create and think about contemporary media. Focusing on the Internet, the core courses teach students content development, communication theory and practice, production and design skills and offer an overview of the ever-changing media landscape. As new media forms develop and evolve, students who are interested in working in communications fields need to understand each medium’s particular communication requirements. It is crucial to develop online content that is relevant, usable, visually effective and creative, informative and manageable.

One of Delaware’s Path to Prominence principles is “engagement.” This is expressed as “The University of Delaware will engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni in the most compelling social, cultural, artistic, and scientific challenges of our age.” Understanding changing media is one of those challenges.

The University has maintained its commitment to the use of technology and plans to continue providing students and faculty access and exposure to various media. The Multimedia Design Center is a manifestation of that commitment.

Education is becoming more and more interdisciplinary as jobs require a broader range of skills, many of them related to digital media. The IMM complements study in any subject by giving students an opportunity to apply their major knowledge to media. Through the minor's required and elective courses, students can learn to plan, write, organize, design, and create web sites—individually and in collaborative groups. Animation, video, games, fine art applications and other forms of digital communication are viewed and discussed. In advanced courses, students can create various forms of media, according to their interests. Interactive media skills are an advantageous addition to any student’s resume.