Students must also take three courses as electives from the list below. Other courses may be approved on a student-by-student basis.
*Students may also take up to two additional classes from Cultural Approaches as electives.*

ART 129: Design for Non-Majors

ART 180: Digital Photography for non-major

ART 200: Introduction to Video Games

ART 205: Core Interactive Media

ART 280: Intro to Photo and Video OR ART 289: Documentary Photography

ART 307: Interaction Design

ART 406: Artist’s Machine

CISC 440: Computer Graphics

CISC 474: Advanced Web Technologies

CISC/CHSC 481: Artificial Intelligence

CISC 482: Intro to Human Computer Interaction

COMM 224: Electronic Media Production

COMM 313: Communication Principles in Advertising

COMM 333: Social Media Management

EDUC 421: Internet Technologies

ENGL 220: Introduction to Writing for Video Games

ENTR 356: Creativity and Design Thinking

PSYCH 438: Human Computer Interaction

*Some classes have prerequisites. Please double check before registering for any courses.

New courses are constantly being added. Please request a course review for permission to use as an elective, prior to enrollment, by emailing Professor Meg McGuire in the Department of English.