About the IMM

*We are no longer taking students in the minor at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.*

This minor is interdisciplinary across departments and colleges.
We welcome students from any major.

The Interactive Media Minor (IMM) provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills applicable to various forms of interactive/digital media. Focusing on internet-based technologies, the required courses teach skills in web programming, interaction design, writing and project management. These courses are designed as a sequence, with each augmenting and accelerating student development, in conjunction with their major.

Courses are taught by faculty from across the University, representing Computer Science, Art & Design, Communications and English. IMM faculty are committed to providing a relevant and engaging educational experience for IMM students by entwining their individual scholarship and research into their teaching. IMM faculty represent interdisciplinary excellence at the University of Delaware.

The IMM complements study in any subject by giving students an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they are developing throughout their major, by way of elective courses. The list of approved electives continues to grow as more University courses are engaging with interactive and digital media.

If you have any questions about the minor, contact Professor Debra Yarrington, Acting Chair of the Interactive Media Minor